More fun, more friends, less serious shooting. T- minus one day to find/shoot/edit a story. I'm finding that a shy kid with a hint of social anxiety is not the best mix for a photographer to have, especially when combined with stories falling through. 

This video of Ira Glass has given me a lot of hope. While its so inspiring and such a blessing to go to school with such amazing photographers it also sets the bar so high that I feel like a failure when come back with what I feel is such mediocre photos, but I guess its all part of this growing process.

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Angela Wilhelm said...

It is inevitable to feel this way. I highly doubt there is anyone in our profession that has never felt like this. Like the wonderful Mr. Glass said: "a lot of people never get past that phase… they quit" So just don't quit. But you already know that. Thanks for sharing the link and #2 is really snazzy.