The Italian Festival on the water front in Wheeling West Virginia was this weekend. I made it there with a couple of friends on Saturday night. The impression I am left with about Italy is that it is made up of cheap, American beer-loving drunks and under-dressed girls from West Virginia. Therefore, I will not be going.

On the other hand, here are some frames from the night. There was beer, fireworks, and italian sausage. Unfortunately no sausage pics.


the same but different

I went to Cabela'z for the first time today. I was suprised to say the least. It was kind of like a museum, a museum that sold you everything you needed to go out and shoot, catch, or skin a Monet, Pollock, or Picasso. Other than that its been the standard coffee and friends.


Ninja Shots

Home is home. Its not where my heart is. I'm not sure where that is actually. Right now I feel like I could make a home anywhere, as long as I'm with Mallory, taking pictures, and drinking coffee, and maybe strum a guitar or two. I've been wasting my summer away, not that I regret anything Ive done so far, just that I regret the lack of what I've done. I can't seem to get myself motivated, and the stress of being home is wearing me down. I really need to find some work.


smoke without a fire

Fourth of July, Family, Stinkin' smoke bombs, Sparkler mayhem, and about a mile of snakes.


Goat See

Sorry for the weird and maybe inappropriate title(for the regretful few who even know what goatsee is), but its 5:30 in the morning. This is summer in all of its glory. It felt like I hadn't taken a photo in a year, so this is Mallory's uncle's goat who got dehorned today. It was a pretty sad thing the mom cried for the baby, the baby cried for its mom, and Mallory almost cried because shes a girl. I guess I could call Goat Magazine and show them my new goat portfolio and work for them this summer, seems to be my only hope in keeping my sanity.