“I was up in New York City for the Cold Pizza show and you know what they got up there, I bet you won’t believe it, they got these guys you know, and guess what. . . they were wearing dresses. I couldn’t believe it.” John Carpenter, a simple man living in a simple home in Firebrick Kentucky has been many places and met many famous people, all because of his extensive sports memorabilia collection. “I’ve got over 6000 pieces right now. I started collecting back in the 80s and it really took off in the 90s. Some years I would get over 500 things." John has been in Ripley’s Believe it or not twice for things in his collection including a rare football kicked by Jim Thorpe in 1927 given to him by Radio Gardener.

Just one of the many great people I hope to meet in my life. I can't imagine how anybody would want to be anything else.


I went back to Discount Signs and Awnings and hung out with Kenny Weeks and an interesting guy they call Rambo. They are the nicest people, they even invited me back to go water skiing with them in the summer.
I'm looking forward to making more relationships like this, but I'm still struggling with intimacy.


I saw this at a Wendys in Marietta and it made me think of a post Micheal Rubenstienhttp://www.mrubenstein.com/main.php. It had to do with there not being anywhere to put your camera when you were in a bathroom, and one time he found a toilet that could fit one but he ended up forgeting his camera there. Well I remembered mine.


4 year old Isabelle Prebe shows her mom, Melissa, a large screen playing a Bob Marley concert during the Bob Marley tribute held at Baker Ballroom Friday night. Melissa Prebe says" We come to the Baker Center during the winter because its a nice place to hang out, there's plenty of room for the kids to run around."
Jordan Connar, a sophmore criminology major, says " I'm a fan of his message. Its great that last night we had Malcom X and now this. It's gonna be awesome.

Bridge of the Flex Crew 7, a reggae group out of Columbus Ohio, performing at Bob Marley Day in Ohio University.


A snow angel appeared through the blizzard.


Polar Bear Plunge at Dow Lake. I got in the water a few minutes too soon and by the time the participants got in my ankles and feet had sharp shooting pain. . . I almost cried it hurt so bad. It was worth it with out a doubt.


Last night on my way to the Post photo meeting I was walking towards Baker on a small sidewalk a particularly creepy area, but last night creepier than usual and the sky had this strange orange tint to it.
I'm really excited that this photo might cause some serious dicussion. Jenn showed it in class yesterday and from what I hear they looked at it with Rob Finch, which makes me even sadder I couldn't hear him talk the other night. . . no more night classes next quarter.


I'm starting to think it's my destiny to be a photographer and that God puts me in right places at right times, but not always with the right lenses. Mallory works at the Art Gallery on the fourth floor of the Baker Center and around 1:20 I heard some arguing outside so immediately grabbed my camera and went to check it out and low and behold 20 feet above me, feet dangling, a man sat on the railing of the 5th floor. Without thinking I fired a couple frames, but was a little limited with my 28mm. A few minutes later a guy with an ear piece came over and asked what I was doing and I had better stop, I told him I'd hang back and didn't want to make the situation worse, he didn't give me much info on the situation. . . I think he knew about as much as I did. Before the building got evacuated I almost slipped into the bathroom to hide but I had no idea what to do after that so I just went outside and kept shooting. Check out the story here. . .http://www.thepost.ohiou.edu/Articles/News/2008/02/11/22810/. . . the editors note in the print edition is a good explaination of the situation.


Athens locals, R&B Station featuring Mark Pender of the Max Wienberg Seven.


Another risky driving maneuver.


Discount Signs and Awnings in Marietta Ohio. Just some rough edits from a little assignment for Southeast Ohio Mag.