Skeleton Witch

I give you Skeletonwitch. I had the pleasure of going to their show at the Union this weekend while they were in town. I wouldn't call myself a metal head, but I am a fan of people, and as far as people go Skeletonwitch are good people. While I waited to shoot these(which according to metadata took from 2:36am to 2:39am) I enjoyed a few$1.75 PBR's, watched a fight, got hit on by a random sorority girl, saw a cop carry an injured girl out, had someone almost spill beer on my ringflash, and almost passed out from the heat/smoke machine. I can't imagine a better metal show. 


A Number of Things. . .

I realize the randomness of these images, both subject wise and chronologically, but if I don't get them out of the depths of my nearly filled hard drive now, I'm afraid they will never see the light of day again.



I've shot a ton of bands in the Athens area recently, and last night I got a chance to shoot Willie Nelson in Neslonville. The last shot is a panoramic from my cellphone. I'm not that big of a fan, but I jumped on the chance to shoot him because I knew my grandmother would love to have a picture of him. In the past few weeks I've been in a couple different venues and witnessed a wide variety of bands, from female metal to punk, and indie to bluegrass, but I've got to say, Willie Nelson fans are way angrier than any metal/punk fans if you get in front of them. Myself and a fellow photographer got heckled and booed by a large group of fans for trying to kneel down in front of the stage . . . I almost couldn't stop myself from laughing.


Painterly Portraits

I had to take a formal business portrait for a portraiture class, and here's what I got. She's a friend of mine who is a painting major with a very beautiful style and personality. She is quite the sweet little lady, and I feel like I captured a bit of her personality with these frames.


McArthur Turkey Festival slash Softball

I hung out for a couple hours in McAurthor for the Turkey Festival. It was beautiful light for about 10 minutes which made the whole trip worthwhile for me. I got a free ferris wheel ride out of the trip as well, which, according to the man working the ride, was the fastest ferris wheel in America. . . and who am I to challenge the man?

I also got back into the swing of things and shot a local softball game for the Athens Messenger.
And a kitty picture for 3 dollars. . . I thought it was a rip-off so we passed it up and bought a 10 dollar bike instead.


Film Scans

A couple more shots from the Mamiya. Just thought the first shot was kind of symbolic of the title of my blog. I was sitting and looking at a photo I took today on my laptop and held my fingers up to black out the sides of the frame and realized how small the view is from inside the view finder and how different a photographer life will be viewing things from this tiny rectangle while the rest of the world gets such a wider view, yet photographers seem to see the world in a much broader way figuratively speaking. 
The second shot is just a frame from a few new friends, Dustin, and Justin, playing some football in Newstraitsville from a couple weeks ago. It seems like every time I go out to the town they're playing football or getting a group of kids together to play.



Here are a couple more portraits I shot yesterday in the rain. My room mate graduated recently and has since taken up the ukulele as a hobby. 


Scenes from the Street

These are just a couple things that have been happening. I've been walking through a lot of parking lots at night and seeing the same old faces. Trying to shoot interesting portraits has proven to be harder than I originally thought at the beginning of this quarter. I've been trying to push myself but I think I'm still being too safe.