Bad Biker

If I were as good at taking care of my bikes as I was at updating my blog I would have a chance at the Tour de France. Sadly this is not the case and my bikes have been unridden for some time now. Fall has come and gone, now winter is setting in and I have a feeling the will be in the same spot as Spring rolls in. I will have to thaw them out about that time I guess.


When The Bottom Falls Out

I was relieved to pass by Donkey today and run into my friend Dave. I got to catch up and hear how things were going for him. It's a sad thing to be a part of when you know someone is struggling and needs help, but almost every resource they could use has been used up, and they are on their own without a safety net. At the same time it is also inspiring to see that some people are strong enough to persist through even the hardest of times and stay hopeful that tomorrow will bring what they needed today.