Bad Biker

If I were as good at taking care of my bikes as I was at updating my blog I would have a chance at the Tour de France. Sadly this is not the case and my bikes have been unridden for some time now. Fall has come and gone, now winter is setting in and I have a feeling the will be in the same spot as Spring rolls in. I will have to thaw them out about that time I guess.


When The Bottom Falls Out

I was relieved to pass by Donkey today and run into my friend Dave. I got to catch up and hear how things were going for him. It's a sad thing to be a part of when you know someone is struggling and needs help, but almost every resource they could use has been used up, and they are on their own without a safety net. At the same time it is also inspiring to see that some people are strong enough to persist through even the hardest of times and stay hopeful that tomorrow will bring what they needed today.



Through photographing others, I can see myself more clearly. Through new eyes, I can see what I am and what I have, because I have seen what it is like to go without and to have so little. This year I am thankful. On top of everything, I am thankful to have a family who welcomes a little vegetarian cuisine into their diets every now and then and a camera into their faces.


Beautiful Athens

Its nice to see the recycling boxes being put back into their natural environment. I remember talking to a environmental scientist here in Athens last spring and he told me that Athens isn't nearly as clean and healthy as it might seem or be advertised as. At first I didn't believe him, but I'm starting to get the picture. No pun intended.



I've always known that what you learn in class and what actually happens when you are photographic are sometimes two entirely different experiences. The way things have been going lately, I've been learning more during my class periods than ever before, but I've also been experiencing more out of class than I ever have before. It's a nice balance, but these experiences out of school are showing me that photographing is such a personal experience. Some people care most about making the photographs and others care more about the experiences themselves and the friendships made through those experiences. I'm happy to feel like I am falling into the later. My mindset is that any photographer can make a photo, but it takes a lot more to make a friend.



Just spending a little more time.


Night Life...Night Death

I went out to a karaoke gig in Glouster, Ohio with Dave last night. About five people showed up, so it was a less than exciting evening to say the least, but I got to have some good conversations and good company. And speaking of good company. I went out tonight for a little adventure with Ryan and Joel. We went and spent some time on the side of 50 with a sleeping dear...or at least thats what my parents told me when we used to pass roadkill when I was little.


Catching Up With Old Friends

It's been a few weeks since I've spent any time with Dave. It was really just a matter of being bogged down with a lot of other things in my life. It's funny how the most important things and the things we really want to focus on get pushed aside by the little things and the things we don't really want to do, but have to. It makes me wonder how hard it's going to be to juggle shooting personal projects and trying to do all the other things necessary to keep oneself afloat once I get out of school. I guess I'll find out soon enough.


Proffitting at Proffitt's



Fall Rises

Another fall sets in here in Athens. Maybe I've just been in my own little bubble for the past three years, but I seem to have forgotten that I live inside this other little bubble named Athens. And I can't seem to remember it being so beautiful in past falls. I need to get off the computer more.



I hopped out to shoot at Jay Proffitt's farm again the other morning before class. Just seeing what's out there.