Robinson Mall in Pittsburgh


Sunday night was the Kresevics Christmas party at their farmhouse. Mallory and I pulled up right when it was starting to snow a little, I kind of liked the idea of a white Christmas for once. The party really got bumpin when Santa showed up . . . I hope he sobered up before Christmas Eve.

It just wouldn't be Christmas with out the Yull Machete.

The Champagne of beer.

Jack was hanging out in the bathroom . . . nobody seemed to mind.


I turned 21 on Dec. 8 and have been window shoping while walking up and down the aisle only wishing I had the money to buy a fine bottle of Fat Bastard Merlot. . . maybe after I get some interships and other work.



As soon as I see hills I know right where I am, Home.

I drive a lot when I'm at home because everything in the Ohio Valley is so spread out, and I always get distracted by the sky and feel like I should be sitting there with a tripod and my camera trying to capture the sky. I feel so bad sometimes because I miss so many great moments. I usually find some excuse to tell myself and justify why I'm not taking pictures like Oh sunsets aren't very photojournalistic or I blaim my big lense for being to much of a hassle to lift, but lately I've been forcing myself to shoot at every opportunity because everything is worthy of a picture and no excuse should be good enough to stop me from taking pictures, I mean what if Ansel Adams would have said Naah this view camera is just too big I think I'll just stay inside and play the piano today.

My friend has a Venus Fly Trap, I thought it was pretty interesting. It seemed to fit into the environment pretty well, they fed it a fly and some beer, just one of the guys as far as they're concerned.