Proffitting at Proffitt's



Fall Rises

Another fall sets in here in Athens. Maybe I've just been in my own little bubble for the past three years, but I seem to have forgotten that I live inside this other little bubble named Athens. And I can't seem to remember it being so beautiful in past falls. I need to get off the computer more.



I hopped out to shoot at Jay Proffitt's farm again the other morning before class. Just seeing what's out there.



Spent some time on a farm in Guysville today. Somehow I've managed to avoid shooting at a farm this entire time here at school. It's a nice thing to see though. Hopefully I'll get some more stuff as it goes.



Here's another handful from the wedding I shot in New Straitsville last weekend.


Unnatural Nature

I went on a short little two hour drive this afternoon through Fox Lake. It was the perfect mixture of raininess, dreariness, and oranges. I would like to go back and explore a little more when I'm not so sleep deprived. The last two shots are completely due to my lovely and talented girlfriend, Erica McKeehen. Its just a snap I took while helping her out on her shoot this weekend. I just couldn't resist taking a few myself, being a fan of nonsensical things myself I couldn't pass it up, I only wish I would have thought of it first.



I got to photograph a very special wedding today for my friend Ryan while he is out of town at the Eddie Adams Workshop. Despite the rain, the wedding was beautiful and I am glad I was able to be a part of it. This is just a snap of Zaniel Hedges getting ready, more to come.


A Cats Life

To all my fellow allergy sufferers, please accept my apologies about the repeating feline theme.



I hung out with a local garbage man for a few minutes this morning. It was a different experience than I'm used to. I wasn't allowed to ride in the truck with him so I tagged along behind him in my car and jumped out when he stopped. It wasn't so much that I was driving behind a garbage truck, but that driving behind me was the community relations manager for waste management in the area, who watched me while I shot. Who knew right.

(To whom it may concern or to whomever might get an emailed RSS feed with any of the words mentioned in this post, I am not in anyway making defamatory remarks towards any company, organization, or any individuals mentioned in this blog post.)


Who'sha Mishta Kitty?

I hung out in New Straitsville with Ryan tonight and got to hang out with the Hedges. Like always, it was a great time. Recipe for a good night: watching people put dental floss through their noses and out their mouths, football tossing, holding a kitten, and watching a room full of kids doing the cupid shuffle. The only thing missing was a kiss goodnight...well maybe not hahahaha.


Bye Bye

Ryan and I found this little guy on our walk home from class today. Giving whoever did this the benefit of the doubt I'd like to think their thought process went something like this, "What a coincidence I found this dead bird right down the street from where I found this piece of chalk. I guess I should trace it."