Delicious Light on the Whatever

Two blog posts within 24 hours. We'll technically, it's tomorrow.



This photo reminds me of something Tim Gruber took. . .
I aspire to be the Dane Cook of photographers.
I deeply respect photographers who take photos dealing with heavy issues that really make me think and question life. These stories are absolutely necessary in order to get eyes opened to the horrors of life and one day I hope to take photos that are as inspiring as some of my photo icons have, but at this point in my life, photography is fun.
I have had a few conversations with fellow photogs about how every photo story has a general sad overtone and is in black and white and if you want to win a pulitzer you have to focus on suffering and hardships. But, life is in color and life is full of great things, as well as the bad. I would never turn a blind eye to the struggles in life, but why deny yourself the pleasures as well.
Viva la funny.


I Think You Want to Take a Picture of My Butt

Alas. . .

I've been seeing some really nice high key images lately. Here was my attempt, partly inspired by Noah Deveraux's shot from a similar event.

All my posts seem pretty large to me, but I end up putting off editing till one night. Then I go through everything. . . but maybe it looks like I shoot 50 things in one day.

Here's some stuff from this week and weekend.

Mike is a really great guy, who let me shoot him, his wife, Star, and his daughter, Lilly, at their organic farm. I'd love to head back and hang out more.

I went to an apple festival that had no apple, and got hit on by a young carnie girl (hence the post title), and I spent the day at an airshow.


Sore Knees

I'm 99.9% sure I've never watched an entire football, basketball, baseball, etc. game on tv in my life. Not even Super Bowls. I can't help it, I really just don't see the point. And now that I'm getting older, it seems like I've missed the learning curve and will never be able to catch up with sports knowledge. I spend a good bit of my time trying to find where the other photographers are standing or if they're moving to a different side of the field, and I just follow them, because I don't really know whats going on. But I'm a sucker for pretty pictures, and getting a job when I graduate, so I shoot sports, and I admit I don't hate shooting them, but my knees and astro turf don't agree.


Scott Strazzante was nice enough to treat my Vico 391 class to an ichat the other day. He had a lot of, what I found to be unexpected things to say about photojournalism, and how he goes about what he does. . . pan, pan, pan, slow shutter speed. . . diptych. . . I LOVE IT. I'm thankful for how much I get to experience here at school and since beeing here I have come face to face with the most important people in career. I just was imagining if other majors have ichats with someone like a marketing executive, and right now one of the students is totally geeked out righting on his blog about learning how to correctly file some kind of report. haha
Just some things from around A bean.