Sore Knees

I'm 99.9% sure I've never watched an entire football, basketball, baseball, etc. game on tv in my life. Not even Super Bowls. I can't help it, I really just don't see the point. And now that I'm getting older, it seems like I've missed the learning curve and will never be able to catch up with sports knowledge. I spend a good bit of my time trying to find where the other photographers are standing or if they're moving to a different side of the field, and I just follow them, because I don't really know whats going on. But I'm a sucker for pretty pictures, and getting a job when I graduate, so I shoot sports, and I admit I don't hate shooting them, but my knees and astro turf don't agree.

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Brittany said...

haha i agree...my knees do not get along with astro turff...and to be honest, i think you have a nice take here considering your not a huge fan of sports. keep up the good work!