I have an assignment to find a variety of nice light, which should be easy because I'm constantly looking for light, not that this picture has good light due to it beeing the rainy season here in Athens. I might be getting up early for this one, magic hour waits for no man.

My friend Ronny thought it was a little wierd that I was taking these pictures. I might be a creeper. . . anyways I really want to push my composition skills and get some layers and framing stuff happening in my shots. Maybe I'll even choose an interesting subject next time.


Yesterday evening I was walking by the Union Street Diner and I happened to look down and see a bullet. I picked up my souvenir to put it in my pocket but then I kind of chickened out and left it there.It seemed like something they would try to prove on mythbusters. . . guy gets shot with bullet when it rubs against quarters in his pocket.
Later, I found this little toy gun about a mile away . . . maybe a heist gone wrong, I hope not my finger prints are all over the scene.
The other night my friend Sam (http://http://samsaccone.wordpress.com/) helped a fellow post photographer Brittany(http://www.britbott.blogspot.com) work on her small systems lighting assignment. This is the only frame I got where I actully caught their flashes with my camera. . . pretty tricky I think.


First time I shot swimming and diving. . . interesting.


My entire windshield was covered like this, maybe I should have scraped the windows. It sort of made me feel like I was in the Hitchcock movie Birds.
Everything was covered in frost and ice last night and this morning, even the Burrito Buggy couldn't escape.
Athens is the political hub of Ohio. . . I'm sure of it.


A lot has happened in a little bit of time . . . many photos . . . a big trip to D.C. . . . and a lot of free Nikon swag. For all those that can't get enough, here you go . . . . . . theres bunches and bunchesAs I walked up to the White House fence I was feeling pretty touristy, but then I saw him, Eric Anderson, professional White House Protester, at least thats what his card said. A man ran up and yelled "Bush rocks" to which Eric went into a rampage of comebacks, " People never have anything to say but Bush rocks. . . I just wait around till I see someone I know I can out argue, like this guy who just embaraced himself infront of his kids . . . but sometimes I get out argued too."
D.C. had some funky buildings, I think I'm getting too used to Athens.
PS- a Hienekien at Hard Rock is 5.54 . . . I was shocked too.


They trotted into town and showed kids their balls.

I finally understand why full frame 50mm is so famous, my eyes were open to a whole new world. Its just enough field of view and so light, not at all 24-70ish. I might just have to buy a Mark II 1Ds and a 50 1.4, with a ratio of $7,999 : $350 how could you go wrong.


My roommate told me about a band called Bananarchy who was playing at the Smiling Skull, and since he was going to shoot for a video class I decided to tag along. Personally I like a little potassium in my music. They sounded a lot like Valiant Thor, which I liked. All in all they put on a good show. I might have to go download some bananas in pajamas after this.
Hudson undergoing some cosmetic surgury I guess. The black speck of the right side isn't a dirty sensor but two birds.
Wide open spaces . . . wide open moments