The Night Of The Great Season

"The events I am now going to relate happened in that thirteenth, supernumerary, freak month of that year, on those blank pages of the great chronicles of the calendar.
The mornings were strangely refreshing and tart. From the quitened and cooler flow of time, from the completely new smell in the air, from the different consistency of the light, one could recognize that one had entered a new series of days, a new era of the Lord's Year."
-Bruno Schultz

Not Ocher, But On To Autumn


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And then it just hits me, "What the fuck are clouds?"


Pod 10A-12

Pressurization can cause coughing and withering of mind. Long periods of exposure instill a false sense of insomnia. Self prescribe Dilaudid as needed for paranoia and pain. The bacteria is growing cultures. Still too early for proper diagnosis. Keep an open mind.


The curious case of Claire Harbage.



The last day you stopped drinking.