Sick on Christmas. . .

I came down with the flu a few days ago, luckily the worst hit me Tuesday and not on Christmas. Unfortunately, I haven't left my bed let alone my house in about 72 hours so I'm going a little stir crazy. Merry Christmas everybody, or if that's not your cup of tea, I hope you spend a wonderful December day doing whatever makes you happy in your heart.


The Dead Zone

I guess the title of this post refers the the feeling of Athens being dead during the winter break and the little bird I found today on my way to get a hair cut and some coffee, also stopped at the library to browse the photo books.


Open Roads

Did some traveling this weekend to Atlanta for the ALT Photography Seminar. It was a good trip (long but good). No photos from the seminar, it seemed like I was only there long enough to hear about the death of photography get a blue moon then back on the road again.



Going through my hard drive sending out pictures that I promised to people long ago, I stumbled on a couple frames I overlooked and I re edited this one. I don't usually like black and white too much seeing as how the world is in color I don't shoot with a Lieca and Tmax. I think black and white definitely have a emotional quality that color cant always get to, plus I feel I can edit black and white photos a more heavily and get away with it.