Last Night

This is my stylish friend Zack enjoying the bar scene in my home town. I tried to explain to my friends that a busy bar at home is like an empty bar in Athens. All in all bars are far from my scene, but nice to visit.



Winter intersession has begun. I am home for a little bit, but it seems less and less like home as I spend more time away. Nothing changes in my hometown and with my friends, which is a nice comfort zone to fall back on every so often.

There was a guy dressed like a cowboy at a bar tonight, I don't think he was popular, it was surreal.
And a random girl asked me why I brought an L into a bar. . . I just shrugged.
I was thrown off by the fact that she even knew what it was and didn't say something like, "Geez I bet you could take a picture of the moon with that lens."


Welcome Warmer Days

I was just going through my harddrive making sure to back everything from this quarter up and I came across this frame. I almost forgot what the sun looked like. Winter came so fast I forgot to say goodbye to the summer.


Cold, Leaf Me Alone

My friend Sam posted a picture that reminded me of this shot I took last week outside of my apartment. . . great minds think alike I suppose. Basically how I feel right now, as cliche as it may be, caught up in a whirlwind feeling the centripetal force sending everything that was at my core flying away from me. I expect the end result will be similar to the feeling I got as a child spinning in my dad's office chairs.

Sorry bout the gushy post. . . should save the emotions for Twitter or Live Journal.


Old School | Expensive School

I find Polaroids are the digital cameras of film. . . instant and expensive and everybody seems to have one now a days.



Maybe somebody searching for the live feed puppy website will stumble on my blog because of the title. Anyway, like all guys out there, when I got a call last night to go out and shoot puppies today I jumped on the opportunity.

Just before I posted this I realized that this might have been my last assignment for the Post, seeing as how next quarter picture story class might trump all extra curricular photography.
All's well that ends well though, I don't regret a single assignment I've shot during my time at the Post and I think it was really helpful to get me through single image classes. I've gotten to see things I ordinarily wouldn't have, and met some interesting people. I hope this will always be my experience in photography.



So Fall is over. No more sports action, sports feature, feature, portraiture, wildcards, elections, dawn to dusks, deadlines.
These are my selects for the last assignment. . . Strazzante style!



Last portrait. My strobe batteries farted out . . . which figures the one time I actually want to use it it craps out. Got to try again tomorrow.
Ironically this is the room mate of Brittany, who knew Athens was so small. The horrors of shooting something that might have been photographed before . . . that would probably make me call it quits.


Portraits el Dos

I've gotten pretty lucky as far as portraits go on this assignment, that is if I believed in luck. The people I've shot are really nice and perfect subjects while I fumble my way through shooting.
I think this mirror would have been heaven for a Myspace bathroom mirror portrait obsessed teen.


It's Really Here

Fall is here, and so is swimming.


Post of Historical Proportions

I decided to go up to Columbus last night to photograph the Ohio Democratic Party's election party. At first I was worried that I made the wrong decision and should have went to the Rep. Party's party because I would be too upset to shoot if Obama lost. . . we'll I lucked out and shot tears of joy instead of despair.
A man collapsed in tears beside me. I think it was one of those things that might change a person's life after witnessing.

P.S. After being in a ballroom for 6 hours I feel Christopher Morris' pain.


Portrait Round One

Trying to get to some portraits for the last 391 assignment, not my strong point. The last one TONED for SURE.


Annual Frozen Hands Post

This post is brought to you in the style of Drew Angerer with contributions from the frozen hands foundation and sponsored by the red headed redneck who thinks I'm an ignorant bastard and wants to know "what the fuck I'm looking at." All's well that ends well though. It was too cold to shoot so I made a few frames and headed across the street to DQ and got some fries.