The Mundane. . . The Insane

Why I love photojournalism . . .
One minute I'm in a student senate meeting looking at boring people talking about boring things, the next I'm with interesting people talking about interesting things doing interesting things.

Story Idea: Politicians by day, drag queens by night


No Place For a Face

Viking festivals are fun. Lots of cool people who like to talk about themselves, pretty much making excuses why they are middle age and dress like they are actually in the middle ages.
I got a little carried away with belly dancers though. Nobody ever told me BELLY really meant BEEEELLAAAY.

To each his own . . . to each his own

P.S. the next post has more WOOHOO

little MEED went on a long HALL


Two things that I will never do.
Number One. . . let a 4 year old kid right his name for my caption (which a certain photographer for a certain local paper did)
Number Two . . . let a 8 foot albino python have its way with my face while little kids poke at hit and tease it.
Also things that probably sounded better in these people's heads.


Soo. . . I've been shooting baseball, Oh and some softball. It's been interesting, mostly because I got a free hot dog and some weird looks at a highs chool softball game.

Had to give credit to this small town softball field for having a nice deck to shoot from.

I can't find peak action but I stumbled on a little light.


A Revival of Biblical Proportions

As I am lacking in my emotion assignment. . . which is due in a few hours of when I am posting this. . . I jumped at the oportunity to shoot a Bible Revival at the Vineyard Church in Westerville tonight. It was the biggest Church I've ever seen. It had a book store, a cafe, and somewhere around 5,000 members, and only a measily photo staff of 25 people. . . huh???
Lots of good emotion, hard to get names
Crying must be expected. . .


Weekend work. To my delight, I got to do some traveling this weekend. I went to Columbus on Saturday morning to shoot a protest. It's always nice to get out of Athens for a change. Later that night I headed to Nelsonville to shoot a band for a soundslide the Post is putting together. Then this morning The Race Machine was on campus to tell you how you would look with a brown, yellow, or tan filter on your face. . . SWEET.



Me and Sam Saccone were walking around yesterday trying to find some nice college green stuff for our 390 class and Sam saw this guy fishing. The only thing better than one photographer is two photographers.


SkeletonWitch. . . the name along should have been warning enough. It was fun though. I had a beer, watched crazy people, got stuck in a corner the whole show, and got knocked off a huge stack of boxes I was standing on.
A lot has been happening lately. I think it's going to be a hectic quarter for me, hopefully it will also be very productive. I got to help at the Best Of Photojournalism judging, which was cool, but it made me nervous to shoot around people who know so much about photography.

Here's a couple shots from my first assignment in Vico 390; College Green. I really want to impress my Professor and I've heard she can be a little tough. Hopefully I won't cry. . .