The Better You Are. The Harder You Fall.

I'm starting to figure that appearances can be deceiving. Discovering that appearances mean nothing is a life changing feeling. I think I could spend my entire life trying to figure out why good people have bad lives. Sounds like a good life's work. I could die happy.


San Martine Des Morelle

I went to check out the Buffalo Killers , a psychedelic rock group out of Cincinnati, Ohio last night at the Union. And this is what I saw.


Coal Festival

I shot a little fair in Wellston, Ohio today for my first project in Vico 486 yesterday. 10 hours and only 100 frames later I went home. I was surprised at how hard it was to only shoot 100 frames at an event. I'm not sure if this experience has taught me to be more selective and wait for moments or just to be more thankful that I have the ability to shoot with a 32gig card normally.
Here's what I came away with...some of these fall outside the 100 frame mark, but I wasn't going to sit around and watch things happen without shooting them.


Midnight Stroll

I was walking over to Erica's house tonight and while I tried my hardest to avoid looking into the dark cemetery across the street I found this scene that didn't remind me of the Thriller video so much.


Life Is a Trip, So Let Us Reflect

I've seen some strange things this summer, and I've photographed them... but I've also seen some pretty normal, let's say "comforting," things as well. I've noticed a trend in my perspective on these things. It seems like the odder the experience, the more straightforward I shoot, and in reverse the more everyday the experience, the less literal the outcome. I wish I could shoot everything as absurdly abstract as I can imagine in my mind.