Professional Friend Photographer for Hire

It just came to me tonight at about 3am that I should make a post featuring all my friends, considering you make up 98% of my blog views anyways, why not let you look at yourselves a little bit when making your next visit. If I ever get my google analytics going I might be able to prove my calculations wrong.
I'm brainstorming ideas on how to turn this infatuation with photography into a career or at least something that will land me a basement futon and one Chipotle burrito and one decent brew per day. One idea is traveling the country visiting colleges and every four years I could make a new set of friends and become their personal photographer. . . keep in mind this idea is just being brainstormed. It still has bugs. . . such as my social awkwardness towards strangers.

ps. please excuse the lens flare, I swear I would resist if I could.



Winter: I ride the bus more and shoot less.


I know its old news but its still funny. I just hope Pete remembers to double check his AP style book when he writes his captions.


TILTed sports. . . a little SHIFT

This is my kind of sports shooting. Tilt Shift in hand I headed to a high school girl basketball game. I owe the first shot to Sam, thanks for letting me catch your strobe. Hopefully I might get he 5d mk ii soon and I know its been a reoccurring theme to hock your 16-35 and get a 35 1.4, however sweet that sounds, I might be thinking  45 2.8 instead. 


Second WInd

After a crappy shoot this afternoon, I took a trip down to Casa for a Bye Bye Bush, last day in office party, thinking there would be some relevence for my inauguration photo project . . . there wasn't. Just a sign that said Obama Barocks. Tonight did wonders for my spirit as I got to make some images I really wanted to rather then had to. As a side bar people dance, talk, laugh, and become oblivious to cameras as they drink. 
Oh and how could I forget, a man came up to me and said, "A friend of mine wanted me to ask you a question. Do you like boys or girls?"  
. . . ummmm neither sir, I'm a journalist!


Inagurally Uninspired

The most inspirational time in my lifetime and I felt fully drained today. Athens was no D.C. so I felt a little disadvantaged on this day. . . I know I know its up to me to make the best of a bad situation. . . but just wasn't really feeling people watching tv. . . maybe I'll get something later tonight at a bye bye Bush party.


Wacked Out and Blacked Out

Came home last night after getting a call from my roommate saying the power was off, T.V. and X box weren't working and the heaters shut off. Dark . . . cold. . . back to the stone age. Would have uploaded this as a breaking news blog post last night, but for some reason the internet didn't work either. It was a nice excuse to watch Little Miss Sunshine and fall asleep a little early for a change.


Sweet Science

First shoot for my photo story. This is Russ and some of his students at Sweet Science boxing gym in Hillard, Ohio. Russ is a very personable guy, and has a great philosophical take on boxing. 
I'm just relieved to have found a story that I'm interested in and hopefully I can breath a sigh of relief. I still have no idea how to go about creating a story, even when I guess I have one infront of me. . . I guess I'll figure it out Wednesday.


Presidential Blanket

I spied this Barack Obama and White House fabric at WalMart tonight, so if anybody was planning on making some presidential accessories, that would be the place to find the fabric.


New Year New Post

Nothing really to say today. I just haven't posted in a little bit and I was getting antsy. Here are some shots from the end of winter break and the beginning of winter quarter.