TILTed sports. . . a little SHIFT

This is my kind of sports shooting. Tilt Shift in hand I headed to a high school girl basketball game. I owe the first shot to Sam, thanks for letting me catch your strobe. Hopefully I might get he 5d mk ii soon and I know its been a reoccurring theme to hock your 16-35 and get a 35 1.4, however sweet that sounds, I might be thinking  45 2.8 instead. 


Brittany said...

awesome job with the tilt shift! although i must admit, spring quarter i'm planning on doing a project with the tilt shift. so i'm a little jealous that your using it now

charles yesenczki's photographs said...

get in line sucka

Brittany said...

its soooo mine. i'm calling dibs for spring quarter! after i started using it last year everyone else wanted to use it too!