Professional Friend Photographer for Hire

It just came to me tonight at about 3am that I should make a post featuring all my friends, considering you make up 98% of my blog views anyways, why not let you look at yourselves a little bit when making your next visit. If I ever get my google analytics going I might be able to prove my calculations wrong.
I'm brainstorming ideas on how to turn this infatuation with photography into a career or at least something that will land me a basement futon and one Chipotle burrito and one decent brew per day. One idea is traveling the country visiting colleges and every four years I could make a new set of friends and become their personal photographer. . . keep in mind this idea is just being brainstormed. It still has bugs. . . such as my social awkwardness towards strangers.

ps. please excuse the lens flare, I swear I would resist if I could.


Brittany said...

yeah you really seem to enjoy that lens flare Charles. but i secretly like it too :)

you could make a book of photographs of all of your friends (aka photographers) and you know they would buy it so, theres some money there.

Ryan Henriksen said...

Charles, these are absolutely wonderful subjects. Bravo on a great post!