Red World Blue World

And if you ever find yourself reading about this in a book and the information is exactly opposite than what I have just told you it will be an easy correction to make in your head.


Re Use


All The Pretty Horses

What he loved in horses was what he loved in men, the blood and the heat of the blood that ran them. All his reverence and all his fondness and all the leanings of his life were for the ardent hearted and they would always be so and never be otherwise.
- Cormac McCarthy

Girls Hair

Long and lazy
Blonde and free
I can have her anytime
I can have her anytime



And then you realize life is actually just a road trip to a mid nineties indie band concert. You're not sold on the concert, but maybe, just maybe, you will convince your boss to buy that hip hop album the next day at the record store. And maybe, just maybe, he will. Then everyone will stop calling you crazy.


Bleak Tips

And from under the carpet.
From behind the blinds.
Birds fly in and live in your stomachs.
Of course you ignore all the warning signs.
Let them eat your intestines and bathe in your stomach acid.
Even our fake french how to's won't make the feast stop.
Such are bricks.
Such are helicopters.
Such are the bird watchers.
We all think.

Things Pop Up