Joes the Plumbers

Always being a front runner in breaking news stories, The Post had the wonderful idea of getting a story on . . . you guessed it, Joe the Plumber. Well, this is actually Dave and Mark, the plumbers. They're great guys with plenty of poo jokes up their sleeves. Pretty boring situation, but trying to make the most of it.

Soccer Run

I snapped some OU vs. Akron woman's soccer before class today. The light just started to get nice right as I had to leave. The fall foliage made for a nice back drop as well.


Delicious Light Not in Sight

At least war photographers get to shoot outside in nice light. . .


ATCO Dance

Last night I found myself wondering through a high school gymnasium surrounded by ghosts, ghouls, cowboys and princesses. The Halloween dance was put on by ATCO which is a work training center for adults with developmental disabilities located in Athens, Ohio. All the people were really open and apreciative of having photos taken, which is the opposite from what I've been experiencing lately.

I dusted off my strobe for the first time in what seems like a year, but I think I only made 5 frames using strobe. I spent the whole night chasing the light around the room. When I would find a pocket or the light would pop it was more dynamic then any strobe work, or at least any that I could pull off.

P.S. Dear Santa Claus, Charlie would like a new 5D Mark II and a 35 1.4.


Humans Trying to Find Zombies

A bunch of people on campus like to fight off zombie invasions about once a year and tonight at The Post meeting, I took the assignment to go shoot it. At about 11:30 I headed up to campus and hung out with a bunch of guys running around with Nerf guns. It was interesting to see people take something so seriously, but I have to give them props for doing it. This was taking place right as a lot of drunk people were stumbling home from the bars, so running with toy guns draws a lot of beer goggle-eyed attention. I felt bad because they got made fun of a lot but I think they had more important things on their mind . . . like saving mankind.


Done 2 Done

So Dawn 2 Dusk was cool but for some reason I was in a slump and didn't get up at dawn and didn't shoot till dusk, but in my defense it was overcast all day, so who could tell?

Here are the frames I like the most. Hopefully something to use in class.



Today was my perfect day. . . well shooting wise perfect, and not saying that I shot perfectly today by anymeans. I just enjoy when I have a lot to shoot. Which should make for an good weekend since Dawn 2 Dusk is tomorrow.
During the deadline assignment this morning in Vico 391 we had to go out and find some stuff to shoot and bring it back to class and turn it in within an hour or so. The first two frames are what I came back with.
A bit after class I went to a church on campus to hang with an organist while a Post reporter did an interview. It was the kind of experience which makes me love photojournalism. Nice people that take you places you would never get a chance to see if you didn't have a camera around your shoulder.



The only sport I really enjoy is hockey. I can't explain it, but I do. I had a ton of focusing issues with the D700. Back focusing, wouldn't track a player in servo mode, and I had about 50 frames totally out of focus without a single sharp point.


Officially Tilted and Shifted

Another weekend. . . another big blog post.

High School football quote of the game this week: Hillbilly: "Hey, we're watching the game too."

Drew: "That's what they make the bleachers for."

I also tagged along with an RA that took some kids in his hall to a gun range in Lancaster. It was loud and florescent. I felt manly just being there.



It was brought to my attention during class that I should have done diptychs from the farm and farmers market. Here's a couple Scott Strazzantes for yah.

Story Layout

Here is the page layout I did for vico 391 on my farmer story. Judging from the class critique I could be in for anything.


Wilds Ohio

I set off today with mapquest directions in hand to go shoot the Wilds for a Post assignment. One hour and 45mins of country and dirt roads later(mapquest decided on a scenic route) I thought I was going to have a slightly less touristy experience, not that I don't love shooting from a guided bus tour with other old married couples spending time together once their kids head off to college. But, I wanted a little more behind the scenes look but the tour was the only access I got. The wildest part about it was how they tried to distract you from the $2.50 pop machine prices with exotic animal pictures.

The nerd in me stopped to shoot a giant old coal shovel on the way home, anyone not familiar with Ohio's coal history might not be as impressed. I waited 15 mins for a cute little kid to climb inside for a holga shot, but no luck.

P.S. I hope that shooting in harsh light all the time might turn me into Alex Web. . . still waiting for results.