Today was my perfect day. . . well shooting wise perfect, and not saying that I shot perfectly today by anymeans. I just enjoy when I have a lot to shoot. Which should make for an good weekend since Dawn 2 Dusk is tomorrow.
During the deadline assignment this morning in Vico 391 we had to go out and find some stuff to shoot and bring it back to class and turn it in within an hour or so. The first two frames are what I came back with.
A bit after class I went to a church on campus to hang with an organist while a Post reporter did an interview. It was the kind of experience which makes me love photojournalism. Nice people that take you places you would never get a chance to see if you didn't have a camera around your shoulder.


Lisa said...

I'm mesmerized by the photo of the organist on the staircase - it literally gave me chills. I'm not sure why, even.

Living in Athens, aren't you at a loss to figure out which beautiful thing (or ugly) to shoot first?

Charles Yesenczki said...

Thanks a lot, I'm glad it made you feel something.
I think the key is to make everything beautiful or embrace the ugly for all its unbeauty.