Wilds Ohio

I set off today with mapquest directions in hand to go shoot the Wilds for a Post assignment. One hour and 45mins of country and dirt roads later(mapquest decided on a scenic route) I thought I was going to have a slightly less touristy experience, not that I don't love shooting from a guided bus tour with other old married couples spending time together once their kids head off to college. But, I wanted a little more behind the scenes look but the tour was the only access I got. The wildest part about it was how they tried to distract you from the $2.50 pop machine prices with exotic animal pictures.

The nerd in me stopped to shoot a giant old coal shovel on the way home, anyone not familiar with Ohio's coal history might not be as impressed. I waited 15 mins for a cute little kid to climb inside for a holga shot, but no luck.

P.S. I hope that shooting in harsh light all the time might turn me into Alex Web. . . still waiting for results.

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