ATCO Dance

Last night I found myself wondering through a high school gymnasium surrounded by ghosts, ghouls, cowboys and princesses. The Halloween dance was put on by ATCO which is a work training center for adults with developmental disabilities located in Athens, Ohio. All the people were really open and apreciative of having photos taken, which is the opposite from what I've been experiencing lately.

I dusted off my strobe for the first time in what seems like a year, but I think I only made 5 frames using strobe. I spent the whole night chasing the light around the room. When I would find a pocket or the light would pop it was more dynamic then any strobe work, or at least any that I could pull off.

P.S. Dear Santa Claus, Charlie would like a new 5D Mark II and a 35 1.4.


Drew said...

I love the crazy lights in #3. Nice.

Anonymous said...

nice work charles.