A little bit of what's been going on for me over Spring break. I've left my beloved Athens for the Ohio Valley. But in the valley's defense the mall is nicer.
It's really good to know that my friends are still friends and still the same people they were when I saw them last.
I've been trying to hunt for a photo story, but still having some trouble actually following through with my ideas. Looks like the D.C. belt wont be with me much longer.


And Jesus rose on the third day . . .

. . .and he throw an easter egg hunt for the apostles and thier kids.

Home sweet home. I really miss Athens but its nice to see some of the old foggies again. Spring is definitely not in the air. I'm going to kill that groundhog.

This is Athens, every other day in Spring. But I love it anyways, its saturated and beautiful, and it sure beats snow.
I guess my apartment complex turned into lake front beach houses overnight. No intermural sports today children. The sun came out the other day and so did me and Mallory. The end of another quarter and hopefully the cold weather as well.
I might have a serious adiction.


beforeafter Yeah dumpster bikes! and just in time for some warm weather.
The story so far: I was walking through my parking lot at around midnight last week and I came across this old bike laying next to the dumpster with its tire off and was so tempted to pick it up and haul it inside, but I waited. . . I didn't want to steal someones bike. Someone must have been moving because there was all kinds of goodies in the dumpster, like bar stools, futons, and a keyboard. . . none of which I took. The next morning I walked outside to see if my little find was still around and luckily the trash men hadn't come yet and I snatched it up and here she be today. . . Im still waiting for it to fall apart when I'm going down a hill.


This poor guy was almost at a pint but then something got messed up and they couldn't use it. The nurse kept asking if I was going to post these all over the internet and on youtube. I dont think this counts.
At a little before 5 today I got a call to go take a photos at a blood drive which ended at 6. I got out of class at 5 and ran over to the baker center to shoot it. The woman said don't take a picture if the needle is showing, the person is laying down, or inside the donating area. Well Ill just shoot the floor and the ceiling, no problem. Well behind this fuzzy red wall was the area where donators gave their info. and I guess I was standing too close or looking to suspicious because I got told to move, aparently I was overhearing personal info. No identities stolen today. . . bummer. Ill post somemore after the story runs.


I shot environmental yoga for a story the Post might run. First of all it was a level 2 snow emergency in Athens and I was late. . . Imagine me fumbling in with my skweeky snow covered shoes and a room full of people attempting to find inner peace and second there were two other Viscomers in the class, which made it even more pressure. http://finkphotos.blogspot.com/


I forgot I went to see There Will Be Blood last weekened. . . I could have probably brought in a video camera and pirated it if I wanted.


It was way to beautiful not to be outside. Me and Mallory took a ride out to the lake and bumed around.