This poor guy was almost at a pint but then something got messed up and they couldn't use it. The nurse kept asking if I was going to post these all over the internet and on youtube. I dont think this counts.
At a little before 5 today I got a call to go take a photos at a blood drive which ended at 6. I got out of class at 5 and ran over to the baker center to shoot it. The woman said don't take a picture if the needle is showing, the person is laying down, or inside the donating area. Well Ill just shoot the floor and the ceiling, no problem. Well behind this fuzzy red wall was the area where donators gave their info. and I guess I was standing too close or looking to suspicious because I got told to move, aparently I was overhearing personal info. No identities stolen today. . . bummer. Ill post somemore after the story runs.

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