Late Nights. . . or Early Mornings

I can still remember the days of my youth when I had to endure a 9:00 pm bedtime, and as everybody knows, nothing good comes on television until at least 9:30 pm. Though, in recent months, well to be honest recent years, my sleep schedule hasn't exactly been up to snuff with the National Sleep Foundation's recommended hours. Over time I have pushed back the hours I sleep a night significantly and I'm not exactly sure why I choose to do so. I've come to the conclusion that I really don't care for sleep that much, despite the fact I hear so many conversations where people talk about how much the love sleep and that they nap throughout the day constantly, but I can't relate. I suppose I just can't cope with the idea of ending a day and the idea of spending 8 or more hours of absolute nothing. The Summer months seem to prolong my sleep even more than usual, and the last night I spend at home was no exception. These are some photos I took on a groggy ride home after spending the evening and morning watching some Soprano's episodes with some good friends. 


I Now Pronounce You a Wedding Blog

I shot my aunt's wedding this past week. It was a nice little ceremony with just family there. I kept the last frame in color; the colors just felt right to me and I think it shows some hope for the next phase in my aunts life. . . and I'm happy for her. I guess it goes to show it's never too late to be happy.


And We Shed What Was Left of Our Summer Skin

I took a trip to Stroud's Run with Erica and Carrie last Wednesday. It was the first time in years that Summer actually felt like summer. The cool water and warm sand helped to wash away some of the anxiety I've been feeling lately; maybe it was just a good healthy dose of vitamin D.


Leaving the Essentials

I'm puzzled by the extreme amount of trash I've been seeing around Athens since the quarter has ended. I must not have noticed the massive piles of trash and overflowing dumpsters last year and the year before. I've noticed an interesting cycle taking place: college students come, buy couches and chairs from Good Will and other various stores, use them/ abuse them for a year or so, throw them away, Athens locals come by and pick and choose what they want and put new life into things. I can't count the number of old trucks driving around with their beds piled high with various odds and ends found along the major college house streets. I think it's wonderful that (even without knowing it) the college kids are in some way giving back to the community, whom I'm sure are driven crazy by the students 90% of the time.
Here's a pile that I noticed on my way to the coffee shop today, and found it pretty humorous. My guess is, 10 years down the road, whoever left this is going to regret leaving behind that poster.


Video Portrait

Video portrait I shot as an alternative process piece for Portraiture 324. I got the idea from my friend Sam, but got a lot of inspiration from Robert Wilson's portrait series and a few other places. I'm going to start doing them more often, and sorry if it takes a little while to load, its a full res video.

Here's to You

On special request, this one is for Ryan.


School's Out for the Summer

Well the end is here. Everyone is packed, stacked, and ready to ship off to whatever it is they are planning this summer.  A big congrats to my friends Ryan, Drew, Sam and Erica. . . and everyone else who got internships this summer. My summer is looking pretty open, despite my best efforts to grab an internship, but I'm looking forward to having a bit of freedom and the ability to travel about and simply put, just live my life. I couldn't help but include two photos of Sean, seeing as how these are really the only photos I have of him without his hand in front of his face, and I feel like anybody who knows him will get a kick out of seeing him in true form. 
Best wishes for the summer, and live long and prosper.


My Handicap for This Round:

Despite wondering around a golf course aimlessly for hours today feeling totally drained from the heat and uninspired by the lack of . . . anything, I feel like I got ample time to walk around and rethink the sport we know as golf. First, I don't blame anyone who may fall asleep at any point while watching the game. . . lets be honest it's a boring sport. Second, I will send care packages to caddies as well as the troops this year, because after an afternoon of carrying a small domnke bag all around the course, I can only imagine their pains. Third, the sky's get beautiful, but nobody seems to care. I would think with all the time people spend with their eyes towards the sky, scanning for tiny white balls they would stop and enjoy it. And finally, I am pretty frightened by the lifestyle these men must lead and how completely stereotypical rich, white, and suburban the whole experience was.

Jack Nicklaus FAIL

I went to Columbus to shoot the Memorial Tournament and waited all day to take a photo of Tiger Woods with my Holga and he walked right behind me without me noticing. My saving grace was old Jack . . . you see how that turned out. I didn't realize shooting a Hail Mary actually meant you had to pray in order for it to turn out.