Late Nights. . . or Early Mornings

I can still remember the days of my youth when I had to endure a 9:00 pm bedtime, and as everybody knows, nothing good comes on television until at least 9:30 pm. Though, in recent months, well to be honest recent years, my sleep schedule hasn't exactly been up to snuff with the National Sleep Foundation's recommended hours. Over time I have pushed back the hours I sleep a night significantly and I'm not exactly sure why I choose to do so. I've come to the conclusion that I really don't care for sleep that much, despite the fact I hear so many conversations where people talk about how much the love sleep and that they nap throughout the day constantly, but I can't relate. I suppose I just can't cope with the idea of ending a day and the idea of spending 8 or more hours of absolute nothing. The Summer months seem to prolong my sleep even more than usual, and the last night I spend at home was no exception. These are some photos I took on a groggy ride home after spending the evening and morning watching some Soprano's episodes with some good friends. 

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