Right now I'm working my way backwards through a Crown Royal bag full of 120 . . . it might be a while before I can finance the entire developing, but for the time being, these are some recent frames I made over the winter with my Yashica. Sorry for any dust.


Out From My Window How Far Is Ohio

Winter feels as though it is sticking around for a little while longer now and Damien Jurado just keeps playing in my headphones.



If you love someone. . . never let them go. . .

Erica, you are the most beautiful thing to ever walk into my life. I applaud you for putting up with my constant disappointments. Despite what you think, you are the inspiration behind everything I have done in the last year and everything I ever will do in my life. Without you I would not be the person or photographer that I am today (and would have a lot more spelling errors.) One day out of the year is not nearly enough time to tell you this, so I will constantly remind you.


10 Days Is A Long Drive Inside A Car

1 lens (don't tell Terry)
2 cameras
5-6 gigs a day
10 days
240 hours
1000 memories


It Snowed Again

Howl at the Moon

Sadly this situation deserved a far better photo, but this is all I have. This nice gentleman really liked the band playing at the Union last night and found that a wolf mask was the appropriate way of showing it. . .the story behind the wolf mask wasn't so impressive, so I'll save you the details.


Screen Printer

A wonderfully talented screen printer that I got to hang out with for a little while this morning.


Red Robin

I'm getting a little visually tired of only posting details, and I'm sure that whoever looks at my blog is growing tired as well. So here is a good friend of mine and an even better tambourine player and I guess technically a percussionist on top of being a great photographer to boot.

My head has been filled with music and art for nearly a week and I couldn't be happier. . . or more sleep deprived. Like others, tonight was a good night... so goodnight.



Spent a couple hours in a studio tonight...who knew OU had one?


Red Army

I hung out with The Red Army this afternoon. They're great guys with a lot to say.