Done 2 Done

So Dawn 2 Dusk was cool but for some reason I was in a slump and didn't get up at dawn and didn't shoot till dusk, but in my defense it was overcast all day, so who could tell?

Here are the frames I like the most. Hopefully something to use in class.


Drew said...

I like the 2nd one out of these.


there is one you have on the D2D server that is better than all of these for turning in to class purposes. One where its kinda tilted and the guy is reaching up to grab something.

also, the smoke photo would be cool, but pete would hate the camera awareness.

this is the longest comment i've ever left on any blog.

Drew said...

up on further review, i was wrong and #2 is the best.

charles yesenczki's photographs said...

agreed. Larry said the same thing about the smoke pic and camera awareness, but the smoke dissipated by the time I made another frame.
The extra large comment is nice by the way.