A lot has happened in a little bit of time . . . many photos . . . a big trip to D.C. . . . and a lot of free Nikon swag. For all those that can't get enough, here you go . . . . . . theres bunches and bunchesAs I walked up to the White House fence I was feeling pretty touristy, but then I saw him, Eric Anderson, professional White House Protester, at least thats what his card said. A man ran up and yelled "Bush rocks" to which Eric went into a rampage of comebacks, " People never have anything to say but Bush rocks. . . I just wait around till I see someone I know I can out argue, like this guy who just embaraced himself infront of his kids . . . but sometimes I get out argued too."
D.C. had some funky buildings, I think I'm getting too used to Athens.
PS- a Hienekien at Hard Rock is 5.54 . . . I was shocked too.

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