I Think You Want to Take a Picture of My Butt

Alas. . .

I've been seeing some really nice high key images lately. Here was my attempt, partly inspired by Noah Deveraux's shot from a similar event.

All my posts seem pretty large to me, but I end up putting off editing till one night. Then I go through everything. . . but maybe it looks like I shoot 50 things in one day.

Here's some stuff from this week and weekend.

Mike is a really great guy, who let me shoot him, his wife, Star, and his daughter, Lilly, at their organic farm. I'd love to head back and hang out more.

I went to an apple festival that had no apple, and got hit on by a young carnie girl (hence the post title), and I spent the day at an airshow.


Sam Saccone said...

That first image is really nice dude

Charles Yesenczki said...

Somehow I knew you'd like it from the second I hit the shutter.