I'm starting to think it's my destiny to be a photographer and that God puts me in right places at right times, but not always with the right lenses. Mallory works at the Art Gallery on the fourth floor of the Baker Center and around 1:20 I heard some arguing outside so immediately grabbed my camera and went to check it out and low and behold 20 feet above me, feet dangling, a man sat on the railing of the 5th floor. Without thinking I fired a couple frames, but was a little limited with my 28mm. A few minutes later a guy with an ear piece came over and asked what I was doing and I had better stop, I told him I'd hang back and didn't want to make the situation worse, he didn't give me much info on the situation. . . I think he knew about as much as I did. Before the building got evacuated I almost slipped into the bathroom to hide but I had no idea what to do after that so I just went outside and kept shooting. Check out the story here. . .http://www.thepost.ohiou.edu/Articles/News/2008/02/11/22810/. . . the editors note in the print edition is a good explaination of the situation.

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