One out of the last 4 rolls of holga I took to Walmart. The other 3 weren't so lucky. To say the least it will be my last time I go to Walmart. When the man handed me back two completely blank rolls of film he told me that I had an exposure problem and that the machines kept shredding film so I was lucky. BULLSHIT. I'm not sure how I could have an exposure problem with a holga. . . sunny day, cloudy day. thats it.


Brittany said...

so where are you going to take your film to get developed now?? that is horrible that walmart screwed it up. they're stupid.

peter said...


it's pricier but they know what they're doing. i was only taking like happy snaps to wal-mart anymore after they scratched some shit of mine last year. Did they give you a gift card or some compensation?
They shredded my film ....