Muck That Tilt??

Tonight was the OU v. Miami basketball game, and I voluntarily chose to go. I just hung out at the top row of the bleachers for half the game watching little kids run around causing a rukus as their fathers momentarily indulged themselves with the world of ohio college basketball. Tried some tilt shift stuff once again and didn't really find my groove up top so moved town to the band section and fell in love with the horns. Spent a lot of time just walking around and listening to the funny things people were talking about. I even shot a handful of action shots! Then after the game Ryan and I gathered up all the tickets we could and headed to get some free Taco Bell with the stubs. . . FYI 19 tacos is about 1 too many.


Brittany said...

you make me miss the tilt shift lens. i've got an idea for it for my independent study class. too bad i'll be getting full use out of it this spring. try to stop me. dare you.

Charles Paul Yesenczki said...

You have to just use that internship money to get your own.

Brittany said...

i'll wait til after graduation. i want to get good use out of the check out room in my last 3 months of school