B Boys

The b boys came to town.  It was nice to see a mix of people come together for something they all love like break dancing and hip hop. I was surprised how organized and sportsman like the entire event was. 
From what I could gather there were a couple different types of people here. The last guy tagging the chalk board was from WAAAY back in the day and was telling people stories of old school 80's b boy battles, then there were two guys from Cleveland, the first guy tagging and the guy in the red hat, they seemed to have some style to them and really were in it for the love of it, then there was the guy in the third photo.  
The only way I can compare him to the two other guys is by this metaphor: he had the sort of style of some kid that sits in his room all day and practices guitar scales and can shred and play really technical and the other two seemed like old school blues players that might not know all the notes but are more apart of the history then anything else.
Being a little bit of an underground hip hop fan myself this was a great experience. 

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