Pardon Me. May I Get Your Motor Running?

I shot the opening day of a new Harley Davidson store in town the other day. Whenever I see someone on a Harley I can't help but wonder if they are actually a lawyer or a doctor. There's something about riding a motorcycle that has just gotten so mainstream (i.e. Wild Hogs). In my mind a Harley is as closely associated with a retired couple as say Florida, The Price Is Right, or drinking Ensure would be. It's nice to know that some of these guys are still pretty legit riders who don't have a Cadillac or a mini van waiting for them back at home. One person at the store suggested that I pick one up while I was there and that the cheapest bike was fairly reasonable at around $8K. I politely declined a test drive. Another man was bragging to me that his bike cost around $25K new. I hope my face didn't show how unimpressed I was. 

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