You used to tie me to a chair so I would sit still and eat,
now I willingly leave your house smelling like spaghetti and garlic.
I used to sit and watch your "stories" with you while you babysat me,
now I willingly go to your house and watch America's Funniest Home Videos.
You bought me my first guitar, but you have never heard me play.
Though I'm unaware of the "They" you so often get information from,
I listen, because I know it is actually you're advice not theirs.
You tell me stories from when you were not yet a grandmother,
you were and always will be a firecracker.
For all this you owe me at least a picture.

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Erica McKeehen said...

i love this post. your grandmother is a strong and memorable woman. she reminds me of my grandmother... opinionated and, at times, off-color, but completely loveable and hardworking... and funny... and the glue that has held the family together. i love your grandma and i was happy to see these photographs of her.