Update on Life

So I realize I have not been the best blogger as of late. I've been shooting more and more, but have yet to really shoot anything of substance, so I've been subconsciously holding back on posting because I feel like my blog has become too bloggish in the sense that I have only been posting personal photographs. . . I think its the idea that's being drilled into my head that many professionals within the photo community find and look at blogs, facebook, myspace, flickr, and the likes and judge you based upon what they see there. Just today I got a warning about not putting up photos that might incriminate you or show unprofessional behavior (the warning wasn't directed towards me specifically, just a class in general).
I think that it boils down to whether or not the photos are of high quality and represent that photographer as a person/professional. I find the photos I post whether they are from my day to day life or from a project or from class are the photos that I love to make. In my life I hope to strive to make great documentary work that is meaningful and hopefully helpful to some, but at this point in my life I feel all life is just as worthy of documenting no matter how mundane or personal. After all, in my mind and heart these are the pictures that I love to make and mean the most to me.

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