Singer Songwriter Jay Hill

This is Jay Hill, a wonderfully talented singer songwriter from Boone County, West Virginia. I met him while shooting a little assignment for South East Ohio magazine this weekend. I spent the day with the writer and Jay as he took us around his small quaint home town and told us stories of his sometimes unbelievable life experiences. The guitar he plays with actually belonged to Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, the boots he wears are from a dead man, and his music partner Jesco White is of a different breed all together. As we arrived at 11:30am we were kindly offered a drink of whiskey and after an hour or so of hearing of his life and love of music as well as being treated to a few songs in his kitchen, we were off to his local bar owned by his aunt, which is also conveniently located next to the courthouse, jail, and Church of Christ, where we were treated to the company of a mouthy local and visited by a woman and her pet monkey.
Although we never met up with Jessi, we heard plenty of stories which painted a legendary image in our minds. Simply put, the day was one for the books, and will replay in my mind for a long time to come.

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