Scenes from the Texas Leica

Just about 1/100 of the film I've been shooting/scanning. I have to get in gear and get some color film, but I'm just having some fun exploring with new eyes. It's nice to shoot film after shooting so much digital just because now I have so much more of a grasp on the technical aspect of photography than I did when I started shooting about 3 years ago on an old Canon AE-1, now I just have to worry about my film turning out looking like an accordion from Walmart or me messing up the scans. I'm not quite sure how I ended up with a double exposure for the sixth one down, but I'm happy with the accident.

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Andreita said...

"when you're shooting digital, you think about the pictures you've shot. when you shoot film, you think about the picture you're taking" -some poor paraphrase of the quote david griffin said in his speech today. :)