Sunken House Sunken Dreams

This is Phyllis and James Gouge of Proctorville Ohio. They lost their trailer and their property when it suddenly began to sink into an abandoned mine shaft a little over a year ago. They have been fighting an uphill battle with the mining company, who has been claiming the incident is not mine related. Besides the sinking ground, mine seepage flows out of the ground and kills the wild life around the area and is believed by the Gouges to have caused them many health conditions.
They have since had to relocate to a new home, but the home is full of black mold.

I was surprised to find that they were still deeply religious and Phyllis said, "Its been a battle, but its been the good Lord thats gotten us this far."

Not to be clitche, but it actually made me think about the world. I guess I'm not so bad off if I can't afford a new camera.

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