HOL lee GAwd

I think I'll just drop out of school, use my tuition money to buy 120 and just shoot with my holga. I could be the biggest hit on Flikr!!
It really makes me see things differently. I used to be afraid of carrying just my holga because their so hard to predict, I almost felt like I would waste a moment if I shot it with a holga instead of my digital, but now I see things that would only look good taken through a holga and would just look boring shot digitally.

P.S. check out John Stanmeyer from Vii. . . he shot a whole essay with holga called Bali Mystics http://www.viiphoto.com/multimedia.php#.



Drew Angerer said...

these are sweet dude. and you are right, holgas make mundane situations into something a little more interesting. You have officially inspired me to start using mine again....i just may have to borrow a bit of your gaffers tape to seal it up.

Dan Sohner said...

lady on horse+ship on dry land+guys with armor+Holga = pretty sweet shot.

Nice work