Alpaca 'p my camera and never shoot again

"Take it take it take it take it . . . we'll shoot it together!!!" finger points to me from across The Post lounge at last nights photo meeting. Okay, I'll shoot an alpaca farm with Sam Saccone.
To my surprise, we were the first photographers to shoot these funny little animals. I'm sure thats the first time thats been said about anything in Athens county since Viscom began. He was a really nice guy and really comfortable with a camera in his face, he said he wanted to take some photo classes at OU but didn't have a portfolio so he couldn't.


Drew Angerer said...

Wow, this is cool. You should keep this place in your back pocket for when we have to do a photo story on a farmer in 392.

The first and third photos made me laugh, these are the weirdest looking animals I've ever seen (in athens county).

peter said...

wow interesting find man.
I'd dig going there to make a formal portrait...

Where's it at?

I like that "weirdest photo you've ever taken"