Micro Wrestling

I stuck around in Sandusky for a little longer than I should have on Wednesday, my last day. I picked up a flyer for an Ohio Bike Week event, going on in town this week, at a local gas station and thought it would be worth sticking around for. I'm not sure what's kosher, but the event was called the Midget Wrestling Extravaganza, their words not mine. Seeing the crowds reaction to the performers disturbed me. I chatted with a few of them while they were getting ready and they were all interesting people with backstories of how they came to be in the Micro Wrestling Federation. Unfortunately I would be willing to bet 99% of the crowd didn't see much more than the surface level. After the first two matches I had to leave because I was getting too offended by the crowds. I hope these photos show a more truthful and honest viewpoint of the situation.

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