Just When You Think You're Done

I thought I had attended the last graduations, besides my own, today. I just saw that I have to shoot a "kiddie graduation" tomorrow, though,well I suppose I can sit through another eye opening speech about things such as : moving into the future, doing what you want with your life, finding a new path, starting a new chapter, looking around you and remembering the faces of your classmates, making new friends, super funny inside story anecdotes that receive minimal laughs at best, and wishing everybody the best. 
Call me crazy, but I just got a hankering to listen to Buddy Holly.... weird.


Angela Wilhelm said...

Haha. That boy asked me out during an assignment on my internship.

Charles Paul Yesenczki said...

hahahahah he told me that we just had him in the paper last week for a house party he had that got busted. i asked why i wasn't invited.