Night Moves

I've been staying up past my bed time lately. . . come to think of it, I've been staying up past people's bed times that are in other time zones as well. I've already expressed my self-induced insomnia in earlier blog posts and it's only gotten worse -- or better, depending on how you look at it. I guess it comes down to me now seeing and experiencing more after the sun goes down than when the sun is actually up. In my mind, night is an oddity by its nature. Maybe it comes from a childhood where a fear of the dark kept me pinned beneath the sheets at night, stuck and unable to breathe. In my young mind, on a late night trip to the bathroom, I ran the risk of running into any number of horrifying things lurking in the dark shadows of my hallway or closet. Now that I am older, I realize the misguided nature of my fears. Though I still am leery about the dark, I am mature enough to recognize the difference between the monsters in my mind and monsters that are real. I now realize the people and things you can experience at night, are in some ways, more frightening than those created by your mind.

This post is in no way condoning anything illegal -- I simply attempt to capture what I experience with my own eyes. This post is also in no way condoning listening to Pete Seeger.

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