For the better part of the past 6 years, many of my fondest memories and experiences revolve around the time my friends and I have spent enjoying the simpler things in life: sitting amongst friends, sipping coffee, smoking cigarettes (not for all I know), and simple conversations. All of these actions leave plenty of time for one to spend in thought and a lot of time left alone in one's own mind. As I see it our personal thoughts and feelings are essentially what separate us from other lesser beings. Although, recently I have found myself sitting perfectly content without a thought in my head. Maybe it has been the feeling of summer creeping in on me, or maybe I'm just an android. Either way, I have to admit that sometimes I enjoy the inner silence and I hope one day everyone can enjoy a little inner quiet before the weight and troubles of the world reenters and the silence is ruined. Somehow I don't think this frame is one of those times.

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dank said...

I like this frame a lot. And I couldn't agree more with with what you wrote, I've been going through that a lot too. It's wonderful when you can just clear your mind and not get bogged down by it.