How I Spent My Day Off

Ok. I have to admit, the blog title is pretty misleading to anyone who doesn't know me or know how my summer is going so far. I am stuck in eternal weekend mode, having nothing to do most days. I'm not spending my time very well as far as photo projects and things like that go, but I'm trying to stay a little busy with little things, and I'm getting more time to spend with old friends and my two little cousins, Lukas and Anna (above). Basically, I have plenty of time for personal family/friend photos and pretty picture-making, which is right up my alley. No real complaints, just having way too much time to spend thinking and to listening to music.


Amelia Holowaty Krales said...

I love these. I am inspired to go out for some mustaches.

hope your summer is going well!


dusitn said...

i like the stache. i think you should consider it.