They Grow And Grow

Homeward bound to see my wee cousin who is not so wee anymore I suppose as he began kindergarten this week. I have watched him sprout from a little seed who couldn't so much as hold himself upright. Over the past few years being away at school has kept me from seeing my cousins and family, so to be there as he began a journey which I just ended was a sentimental moment that I didn't feel right about missing. I got to thinking about how effected by his young life I have been. To think of how much has occurred in the past five years of my life is nothing compared to all that this little one has been through. It's simply amazing to think of how a mind can evolve in such a short amount of time. So much knowledge. So much wisdom. So much emotion. So much experience. To actually come into your own personhood. I hope that I can be there for more of his life so that I might come to realize more about my own.

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